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We are Delizie Bakery

Food company based in Alba.


Delizie Bakery Brand ®


Delizie Bakery Brand ®


Delizie Bakery Brand ®


Delizie Bakery Brand ®

Delizie Bakery_azienda alimentare in Alba
Delizie Bakery

A Costamagna Group Company.

Delizie Bakery srl was estabilished by Costamagna Family in order to diversify and gain a foothold in the food industry by acquiring the historical brand Barbero.

Ok, let’s talk about Barbero..

A Historical Brand

Barbero was founded in 1955 as one of the best bakery shop in the historic center of Alba

In April 2015 Barbero was acquired by Costamagna Group (Delizie Bakery) and today, after a complete overhaul production lines renovation, the business is carried out in three production plants as follows:

Alba, Corso Asti 26, Guarene in Corso Asti 2 and Garessio, Via Nazionale a Valle 29 where we produce barbero brand products and Private Label.

The passion for tradition, innovation, and high quality ingredients continue to constitute the distinctive Barbero Brand.