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Renovation has involved even the offices that show much more innovation and a modern style.

Delizie Bakery: We have always believed in quality produce.

3 Production Plants

For different production lines

The production plants are all certified BRC and IFS.




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Alba Production plant
This production site covers an area of 3.100 m2. It’s mainly a research and a development laboratory, specializing in pastries and gluten free production. Head office and Registered office.
Guarene Production Plant
This production site covers an area of 3.100 m2 and it specializes in Breadsticks production only.
Garessio Production Plant
This Production site covers 7.000 m2 and it’s specialized in biscuits, fette biscottate, and bakery products.

A new beginning

The Shops have been enlarged and modernized. We offer a gift wrapping service and personalized Christmas boxes. The Shops specialize in bakery products, pastries, gluten free products and perform a direct sale from the producer to the consumers. The following brands are available: BARBERO, GUALINO, TRE SPIGHE and BISCOTTI PAMPARATO.

In our Shop you can find all the products that constitute Barbero’s Brand history, amongst them Torinesi Breadsticks, Pamparato Biscuits, and Cuor di Fette. Additionally, we offer many new products and the possibility to taste new recipes and our new productions before general release to the market.

We have also chosen to offer our customers a selection of our territory’s excellent brands that are well known for their prestige and quality. Our selections vary in accordance with the changing seasons, the more popular choice of chocolate and sweets during wintertime is replaced by artisan drinks and gourmet candies in the summertime.

We invite you to visit us and discover our product range and to sample our products.